Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 3 of week 2 of the course!

Today, we are going to explore classic hatha yoga poses. The video below shows a sequence for one side of the body. The vinyasa is a little bit longer and more challenging.

But today we will do something different!

Unless you really want to do something physical, please only close your eye, relax deep, sand recall the sequence from the video in your mind. Imagine how wouldy ou fell doing it. Imaging which of your muscles are stretching. Do the sequence in you mind for both sides of the body. After mastering the sequence in your mind, focus on breathing. The breathwork is similar as before.

You can do this for several minutes or longer as long as it is enjoyable for you! If memorising is hard, just watch the video a few times today and we will come back to the sequence later.

Remember, all is in the mind, it doesn't matter if you do it or just imagine it. Either way you got it right. The seed you plant today will grow into a beautiful tree in the next few weeks.

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DAY 3. Trikonasana Vinyasa

After completing DAY 3, please move to DAY 4 of week 3.